Starlit Bunker

Outlet of Expression / Call to Empathy

An Art Collective from the Tampa Bay

featuring music, buttons, paintings, zines and more!


Since 2018, we have been a vendor across Central Florida selling punk wares of stuff including prints, cds, cassettes, buttons, and stickers. 2020 saw us releasing music from Adonis Boyd, Drifting Thing, Houseworth as well as half a dozen bands on cassettes during the summer!

During the last two years, RHR raised $ for several different mental health causes, provided emergency mutual aid for people suffering, and campaigned heavily for democracy in the 2020 election process.

The start of “STARLIT BUNKER” is not the end of Recycled Hearts Records, but more of an addition to include all that we do. The name may still be used on music releases.

Sam’s Public Journal

Content Warning: Mental Health & More

Samantha shares her daily struggles, successes, and thoughts with her experience with Bi-Polar (and not just the DSM-5 version) in an effort to increase understanding of mental health, erase stigma, and in solidarity with others who may be struggling. Check out latest posts in our blog


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Starlit Bunker is still in the process of setting up social networking. But here will be the links to Facebook, Instagram, etc. Copyright 2020.

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